Living in Russia is completely a very unique experience.Along with the good education system you will find Russia very systematic and civilized.Russian peoples are well mannered,kind hearted and helpful.

It doesn’t matter which race or which country you belong they will welcome you with open heart and respect,which is why most of the students who wants live off campus rent a room in a family apartments.As compare to any other European country Russia is cheaper to live.

Why to choose RUSSIA

Main advantages

  • Quality Education with teaching staff more than 90 % consisting of Professors and
    Candidates of Sciences
  • Medium of Instructions is English during the whole period of study
  • Easy Admission Process ,No entrance exams
  • Access to the most modern laboratories, technical and research centers
  • Globally Recognized Courses (Europe, the UK, the USA, Asia, Africa)
  • Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (the UK), USMLE (the USA), MCI, PMDC, other International Organizations and throughout the EU;
  • IELTS/TOEFL or other certificates alike are not required;
  • Possibility of P.R and settlement in Europe after course completion
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Russian Method of Teaching and Learning
  • Mess with Indian cooker 3 times per day
Important details of Russia
  • Textbooks and studying materials are provided for the students for free
  • Practical classes in hospital from the 2nd year
  • Coaching for our students to prepare them for national and internationals licensing
    examination from the 3rd year (MCI, USMLE, etc)
  • Internship in the biggest hospitals of Russia.
  • Emphasis on Practical Aspect in Teaching
  • One of the Best Transportation systems in the world.
  • 100% guarantee to get an ADMISSION and INVITATION LETTER
  • 100% visa for deserving students
  • Best opportunities for clinical exposure at university run hospitals
  • All our universities are Government Universities of Russia
  • Widest range of educational programs available
  • Great campuses and facilities offered

MBBS in Russia

Dagestan State Medical University
General Medicine
English medium: 1st year: 5000 US$,2-6th years: 4000 US$

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
General Medicine
English medium: 1st year: 9000 US$,2-6th year: 8000 US$

First Moscow State Medical University
General Medicine
English medium: 1st year: 11000 US$, 2-6th year: 10000 US$


  • From decades thousands of students leaves their home country in the pursuit of good education. It is very essential for them to find a good country where they can find a reputed University and the courses they are willing to study. When the question comes “where to go study medicine?” then Russia is the answer for all those promising students who are willing to pursue their career in the field of medicine in the minimal cost of education.
  • There are more than 100 Medical Universities where students can continue their education in medicine field. Almost every Medical University of Russia is recognized worldwide, over 500,000 foreign international who graduated from the Medical Universities of Russia are working in reputed hospital and medical institution in their home country.
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