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Stavropol State Medical University:

Stavropol State Medical University is the premier choice of every aspirant to pursue MBBS in Russia. The university provides opportunities to the global students to acquire skills in research activities, meet with clinical scientists, visit the departments and museums of STSMU, and adapt the study environment of the university. It is among the 12 medical universities in Russia accredited to prepare students from India. The university is successfully training a large number of students and has become one of the largest medical schools in Russia.

A number of outstanding scientists and doctors have made a significant contribution to the development of the academy and medical science as a whole. Currently, STSMU is looking to maximize the list of several educational programs including specialty, second higher education, graduate, undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, continuation education programs and from now onwards secondary specialized education is also available.

Advantages of Studying in Stavropol State Medical University:

The administration of Stavropol State Medical University pays great attention to the safety of the students and does not appreciate any misbehaviour from the students.

• The student does not have to appear for any additional entrance exam to take admission in Stavropol State Medical University, making the admission process a little easier.

•  Stavropol State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

• The cost of studying as well as that of living Stavropol State Medical University is easily affordable.

• The hospital affiliated with Stavropol State Medical University provides ample opportunities to the students to gain practical training.

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