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Study Abroad in United Kingdom
Consultants Dilsukhnagar,Hyderabad

Why Study In United Kingdom?

United Kingdom
is one of the Oldest and Most Popular Destination for Higher Studies. Many Indian students Prepare United Kingdom for their Highly rich culture. International students are always welcomed by the British citizens and they have High respect for the International Students. 
Apple Academy Consultants provide support to all the 150+ Universities. We process for Undergraduate and Masters programs in Science, Technology, Management, Engineering, Hospitality programs and many more. Apple Academy Consultants are Pioneers in Fast Admission process and we support with the End to End visa process for our Students. 

Apple Academy Consultants are one of Best UK processing Center's in Hyderabad.

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Most undergraduate programmes in the United Kingdom last three years. The popular "Sandwich course? will, however, take four years to complete, including a one-year work placement option.


Graduate or master's programmes are typically 1 to 2 years long, depending on the course and university.



Professional degrees, such as medicine and law, might take up to five years to complete.

EU and British Flag

Some Impressive Universities in UK

These are some of the universities which we include in the page , likewise there are numerous  number of universities with enormous range of infrastructure.


You can also choose the universities researching by using links given below.


Apple Academy Abroad Consultants Dilsukhnagar is pleased to welcome you!

The Best Study Abroad/ Overseas Education Consultants in the UK is Apple Academy. We assist students in obtaining admission to the best university possible. We help you through the entire process, from initial assessments to placement and enrollment.


We also specialise in offering all of the ancillary services such as student visas, travel arrangements, lodging, and social inclusion.

The Benefits Of Studying In Uk
  • Advanced Pedagogical Methodology: UK universities will provide students with the opportunity to learn from world-class academics while also receiving ongoing support. 


  • Course Offering Variety: One of the best aspects of education in the United Kingdom is the breadth of alternatives available to students. Everything from photography to astrophysics can be studied. Unusual student interests, on the other hand, are likely to find a place to study them.

  • Growing Popularity: The United Kingdom is only second to the United States as the most popular destination for international students. This is the outcome of the UK's hard effort in capitalising on the growing need for more English language channels.




How much does it cost to study in the United Kingdom?

Undergraduate and graduate degrees typically cost between £10,000 and £15,000. They also allow you to pay about 65 percent of the fees before you get your visa, and the remainder once you arrive in the UK for a specific period of time. The cost of living varies from 400 to 900 pounds a month, depending on the location.


Is it possible to study in the United Kingdom without taking the IELTS exam?

A student can get into any university in the UK based on their English grades in 12th grade, and some universities also accept applications based on MOI.


Is a medical examination required for a student visa in the United Kingdom?

A medical test certified by the UK government from a listed hospital at UKVI is required to apply for CAS. More information is available at

It costs roughly 2000 INR and includes a TB test as well as a chest x-ray.


How long does it take to get a student visa in the United Kingdom?

From the time you are admitted until you receive your final visa, the entire procedure can take up to 30-45 days. The student visa application takes 15 working days to process. Complex cases may take months to process, but this varies case by instance.

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